Mind Berries

1. Performance Enhancing Berries

a) Blueberries

-small, bitter berries that are known to decrease sleep latency and increase motivation, energy and concentration

b) Redberries

-allows perfect photographic memory for fifty hours

-may cause exhaustion when used chronically

c) Whiteberries

-empathogenic berry that increases empathy and emotional openness tenfold

-great for friendships and family therapy

-neurologically corrosive and must be used in small amounts

d) Pinkberries

-improves logic

e) Brownberries

-improves alertness and attention

f) Orangeberries

-improves ability to sense hurt animals

2. Lucid Dreaming Berries

a) Blackberries

-increases vividness of lucid dreaming

-mixing them with other berries can cause nightmares

3. Anti-Depressant Berries

a) Yellow Berries

-must be taken in small doses over a long period of time

4. Magic Enhancing Berries

a) Grey Berries

-improves healing powers

Fortune Fruits

1. Amity Apples

-promotes prosperity and increases goodwill

2. Peace Peaches

-used during disputes to facilitate amicable resolutions

3. Lucky Lemons

-gives luck to fairies if they are acting with good intentions

Healing Herbs

1. Sparkle Herbs

-fairy healing herbs

2. Glow Herb

-for fish

3. Glitter Herb

-to calm scared or traumatized animals (e.g. during thunderstorms)