Animals of Fayville


All disputes in Fayville are taken to the capybara who use their justice magic to resolve issues fairly. As the mediators of the forest, capybaras are allowed an entire region in east Fayville to themselves. Creatures sometimes present fruit to the capybara as offerings to keep them appeased.


These reptiles can be found relaxing in tree branches. Chameleons are fairly popular among other Fayville creatures due to their weak magic which is believed to soothe young animals.  Fayville animals often take their restless children to play around chameleons in hopes that their magic will quieten their offspring.


Many creatures are afraid of foxes because of their nightmare magic. It's so potent that if you accidentally touch a stray strand of fox fur, it will cause vivid nightmares for weeks. The foxes don't see it as a bad thing though. They believe nightmares are a way of facing one's greatest fears.


These amphibians have some of the most diverse magic in Fayville. They have different abilities according to their color.

Green - can communicate with plants

White - calms down predators

Blue - very good at finding water

Brown - absorb pollution in the air

Orange - transfers energy to animals that touch its skin


They have a close relationship with Fairies. Their chirping help re-align the spiritual balance of the fairies. For this reason, they are a beloved pet among young fairies. Grasshoppers can be seen around fairy nurseries and shrines. It is said that grasshoppers are often followed around by ghosts.


A small population of groundhog live in Fayville. They prefer the edges of woodlands, spend most of the time underground and are usually only seen when they sneak around for fairy dinner scraps. Groundhogs typically live berries and grass, and are known to hoard hundreds of nuts in their burrows.

Little research has been done on groundhogs due to their timid nature, but it is believed that they do have access to very mild forms of fertility magic that benefit the trees and insects around them.


Rabbits are very intelligent creatures with happiness magic. If a rabbits spends the night in a fairy's lawn, that fairy can expect luck for the next few weeks.


Toucans are vital to Fayville. Their magic gives the entire forest its color. Without toucans everything is black and white. Other woodland creatures are careful not to offend toucans because when they flee, the forest becomes very bland and boring.